Frequently Asked Questions

Program Structure

There is no specific age deemed the “right” age to start learning to swim, as readiness varies based on a child’s individual development and comfort level. At Optimum Train Swim School, we offer the Young Swimmer program for 3-5-year-olds, and the Learn to Swim program for children aged 6 and above. Both programs emphasize water safety and skill development, tailored to the child’s age and ability.

Currently, we do not offer a program for children under 3 years old. This age group is still in the early stages of development, and they may require more time before engaging in our structured classes.

While both programs strive to help learners become comfortable in the water and develop basic aquatic skills, their focus varies. The Learn to Swim program hones in on teaching swimming techniques, breath control, and different strokes, intended for either recreational or competitive purposes. Conversely, the Young Swimmer program, designed for 3-5-year-olds, primarily encourages water confidence and familiarity rather than specific strokes. Its activities lay the groundwork for future skill development.

Yes, we offer a 30-minute free trial for those interested in our programs. This trial allows learners and instructors to establish rapport before committing to our program subscription. It is a two-way assessment, providing an opportunity for both the instructor and learner to be mentally prepared and ensure a positive teaching-learning experience.

We offer intensive programs during school holidays, which enable more concentrated learning and practice within a condensed timeframe. Please follow us on social media to stay updated on our latest news. Throughout the rest of the year, we provide twice-a-week lessons to facilitate students’ skill improvement and accelerated progress.

Yes, you can request a private lesson, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. However, please note that private lessons are subject to availability based on demand, instructor schedules, and available time slots.

Our Learn to Swim program comprises group lessons with 6-8 students, lasting 55 minutes. The Young Swimmer program offers group lessons with 3-4 students, lasting 30 minutes. Pre-competitive and Water Lifesaving programs can accommodate up to 40 students per one-hour session.

It is common that classes for young children, including swim lessons, are often shorter to accommodate their limited attention spans, lower cognitive and emotional control. Shorter durations help maintain engagement and interest, enhancing their learning and development. This approach also considers the manageability for both children and caregivers, recognizing that extended periods can pose challenges. Anyway, the small group size in the Young Swimmer program allows for more individual attention and ensures a safe and effective learning environment.

While our instructors may not have the necessary expertise to support learners with special needs or handicaps in a group setting, we encourage you to consider private classes. Private lessons allow for more individualized attention and can be tailored to accommodate specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs and provide a safe and effective learning experience.

Yes, children with asthma or other health issues can participate in swimming lessons. Swimming can be a beneficial activity that improves cardiovascular fitness and strengthens respiratory muscles. However, it is important to consult a doctor before enrolling your child in our program to ensure their safety. Our instructors can make accommodations or modifications to the lessons based on your child’s needs and provide necessary support during the classes.

Unfortunately, we do not provide door-to-door teaching services due to safety and teaching quality concerns. We cannot assure the safety of the teaching environment at each customer’s location, nor guarantee optimal learning conditions. Our swim schools provide a safe, controlled and well-equipped environment for effective instruction.

Fee Payment

Please refer to our pricing chart for detailed information on our lesson fees.

No, we maintain a flat rate for all our services, regardless of the learner’s age or level. This approach ensures our services are accessible and affordable to everyone.

Our fee depends on the package chosen by the customer. The subscription package is charged on a 4/8/16 lesson basis. In contrast, the pay-as-you-go package is charged per attended lesson. We do not offer monthly packages for the Learn to Swim and Young Swimmer programs.

While it might be common to think of a month as a 4-week period, this isn’t always accurate. A month can have 28, 30, or 31 days, which means your payment schedule might not fall on the same date each month. This means that you may be required to make a second payment within a month if the 5th lesson falls between the 29th to 31st day of the month.

Yes, we do provide a referral discount. If you enroll more than one student or refer someone who subsequently joins our program, both you and the new student will receive a RM30 discount on your upcoming lesson fees.

The advance fee is a non-refundable payment made upon enrolling in any subscription package. Since our subscription package is in high demand and has very limited availability, a non-refundable advance fee is required to secure a spot. This fee will be applied to the final 4 lessons provided you give at least 4 classes notice of your withdrawal.

If a learner stops for more than 3 months but less than 6 months, a re-registration fee of RM60 is required. For those who stop for more than 6 months, the re-registration fee is RM100.

If you are subscribed to our subscription or monthly package, you must pay for missed or cancelled lessons. We understand that sometimes you may be frustrated that you could not attend your scheduled lesson due to unforeseen circumstances or unexpected reasons. However, both packages are designed with affordable charges, these charges help covers our operating costs, including instructor compensation, facility rentals, and utilities. These costs still need to be covered, even if you do not attend the lesson as scheduled.

Starting from 1st January 2023, we’ve moved to a 100% cashless system. We accept online transfers, debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallets.

Yes, you’re eligible for a discount if you pay for 16 lessons in advance. Please note this discount is non-refundable.

Your subscription will automatically renew to the next payment term. If you wish to discontinue, please provide written notice of withdrawal to our front desk at least 4 classes in advance.

You can check your payment record by logging into or downloading our mobile app, “Optimum Train,” from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Class Attendance

Please bring your own swimming attire, goggles, towel, and bathing supplies. Upon registration, you’ll receive a free swimming cap. We provide other swimming equipment at our pools.

Only proper swimwear made of Lycra or Nylon is allowed. Everyday clothing made of cotton, denim, or other absorbent materials is prohibited.

Yes, both are mandatory for hygiene and safety reasons. Caps help maintain pool cleanliness, and goggles help swimmers see clearly underwater.

Yes, we sell items like swimming caps, fins, and kickboards. However, we don’t sell goggles or swimwear.

No, classes can’t be extended due to lateness. Our classes are scheduled back-to-back, and extending one class may interfere with subsequent classes. Also, allowing one customer to extend the class time to compensate for their lateness could be seen as unfair to other customers who arrive on time.

No, self-swimming or practicing outside of class hours isn’t allowed. This is for safety reasons and to maintain a structured schedule and standard practice to ensure that all our customers have equal access to the pool.

No, our instructors are trained to supervise and ensure the safety of all children during group lessons. In fact, this helps foster children’s confidence and independence by allowing them to attend lesson independently.

If you’ve signed up for our subscription package, missed classes will be billed as usual. For more info, please refer to our pricing chart  and terms & conditions.

If a thunderstorm occurs during a class, we’ll activate our safety protocol and evacuate all students to a safe area. If conditions don’t improve after 15 minutes, the class will be cancelled. For more info, please refer to our terms & conditions


You can check your attendance record by logging into or downloading our mobile app, “Optimum Train,” from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

While we understand the appeal, we group our swimming classes according to age and ability for optimal learning outcomes. However, we strive to accommodate your schedule by aligning your and your child’s lessons within the same time slot whenever possible, even though you’ll be in different classes.

In the event your instructor is unavailable due to illness or leave, we will arrange for a competent relief instructor to conduct the class. Please note that the lesson will still be charged as usual, even if you choose not to attend the session with the relief instructor.

Progression & Assessment

The time required to acquire swimming proficiency can vary widely. It is influenced by factors such as age, physical capability, and prior swimming experience. Some learners may grasp the basics within a few sessions, while others may need more time. Individual objectives and expectations for swimming also play a significant role. Just like any sport, swimming mastery comes with consistent practice and perseverance. It’s a journey, with bumps along the way. Our main focus is to provide a solid foundation and guide each learner at a pace they’re comfortable with.

Yes, with regular practice and patience, we’re confident that our program can help most individuals become competent swimmers over time.

We group our swimming classes by skill level, ensuring learners are of similar abilities. This grouping allows our instructors to effectively tailor their teaching methods to the needs of each group, guaranteeing personalized attention and support. Additionally, we keep detailed records of each student’s level and progress in our web-based system, facilitating efficient monitoring of each learner’s advancement.

Several factors could be influencing your child’s progress, including infrequent practice or inconsistent attendance at lessons. If lessons are attended once a week or less, it may take longer for them to develop essential skills and stamina. For younger learners, physical maturity could also affect their rate of progress. If you’re concerned about your child’s advancement, we encourage you to discuss with our instructors. They can provide insights and suggest ways to support your child’s improvement.

Our instructors continuously evaluate learners throughout their lessons, tailoring instruction to meet their evolving needs and capabilities. This ongoing assessment method ensures we deliver an effective learning experience and allows learners to progress at a pace they’re comfortable with.

While we do not issue our own certificates to avoid potential bias, we do facilitate access to paid exams accredited by the Malaysia Swimming Federation. These exams, conducted by trained and impartial examiners, provide a fair evaluation of student progress. If you’re interested in having your child participate in these exams, please contact our front desk for further details. Remember, obtaining a certificate is optional. Our primary objective is to instill robust swimming skills and a love for the water rather than a certificate-based achievement.

You can monitor your child’s advancement through our web-based system at or via our “Optimum Train” mobile app, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For more comprehensive feedback, feel free to consult with our instructors at any time.

Pool Maintenance

We build two categories of swimming pools varying in depth and size. The adult pool has a depth of 1.3m and requires the swimmer to be at least 145cm tall. On the other hand, the children’s pool is 0.8m deep, suitable for swimmers at least 95cm tall. Please note that these dimensions may differ at some of our branches, and we recommend confirming the specifics from the front desk at your preferred branch.

Our top priority is ensuring a safe and clean environment for our swimmers. We adhere to all national and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines concerning pool maintenance and hygiene. Routine measures include balancing the water’s chemical levels, maintaining the filtration and circulation systems, and confirming all pool equipment’s functionality. We also enforce strict regulations to prevent contaminant introduction, such as banning food in the pool area, requiring pre-swim showers, enforcing appropriate swimwear, and mandating swimming caps. We are committed to delivering a safe swimming experience and hope that our stringent protocols ensure your confidence in our facilities.

In addition to the natural water evaporation due to Malaysia’s hot climate, we also periodically drain and replace some water with treated fresh water. This practice assists us in keeping the pool water healthy and contaminant-free.

Depending on the branch, we offer both chlorinated and salted swimming pools. Feel free to inquire about your branch’s specifics from the front desk. Chlorinated pools utilize chlorine, a chemical compound introduced through tablets, granules, or liquid, to eliminate bacteria and contaminants. In addition to chlorine, we use algaecides and pH balancers to maintain the appropriate chemical balance. On the other hand, salted pools use electrolysis to generate chlorine from salt. The process involves passing salted pool water through an electrolytic cell, which uses an electrical current to break down the salt into sodium and chlorine. This chlorine is then distributed into the pool water to kill bacteria and other contaminants.

If you have further questions, please call us during our operational hours, Tuesday to Friday, 4pm-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 8am-7pm. Alternatively, you can drop us a WhatsApp message or reach out to us via our social media page at any time. We’ll respond promptly to assist you.

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