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Welcome to our Young Swimmer Survival Program, a specially designed course for children aged 3 to 5. We understand that water can be intimidating for young children, which is why we’ve created a program that allows them to explore and become comfortable in the water under expert guidance. Our program transforms children’s fear of water into a love for swimming!

Program Overview

Each session lasts 30 minutes and focuses on building your child’s confidence in the water and helping them adapt to the aquatic environment. We use a “learn through play” approach and introduce essential water survival skills. At this stage, we don’t teach the four common swimming strokes as it can be challenging for young children. Instead, we focus on developing their understanding of instructions, hand-eye coordination, muscle control, and motor skills.

6 Teaching Modules

Safety Skills

We teach children how to enter and exit the swimming pool safely and independently.

Breathing Control & Submersion

Children learn to fully submerge into the water and exhale air through their nose.

Floatation & Balancing

We help children learn to float on their front and back without any assistance.

Mobility & Propulsion

Children learn to glide in the water and kick a certain distance without any assistance.

Rolling & Recovery

We teach children to swim, rotate their bodies, and take consistent breaths.

Surviving Skills

Children learn to jump into the pool and reach the pool edge safely.

2 Evaluation Levels

Stage Y1

At this stage, children require teacher assistance to carry out the skills as instructed.

Stage Y2

At this stage, children gain a certain level of independence and can carry out instructions without assistance.

** Children can continue their swimming journey in our “Learn to Swim program” once they turn six years old or upon completion of the Young Swimmer Survival Program.

Program Duration

Since its inception in 2017, our Young Swimmer Survival Program has successfully helped hundreds of children build their confidence in water and enjoy swimming. We encourage young swimmers to become independent in the water and foster early childhood water safety awareness. The skills and knowledge gained form the foundation for future development in swimming or other water sports. Our lessons are ongoing on a weekly basis to develop a consistent routine and produce tangible results. Typically, a child can complete the Young Swimmer Survival Program in about 12 to 24 months.

Join us today and watch your child transform from a cautious beginner to a confident young swimmer!

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