Terms and Conditions

“In these following Terms and Conditions, the term ‘our school’ refers to Optimum Train Swim School, the operating entity of this website and provider of swimming instruction services.”

Fee Policy

Fees must be paid in advance and can be on a subscription, one-time, or monthly basis, depending on the package/course chosen.

For subscription & monthly packages, each lesson is billed. Deferred or skipped payments are not allowed for any reason, including class cancellation, absence due to illness, family events, school activities, or our school closures.

A non-refundable advance fee is required upon enrollment for the subscription package.

The advance fee will be applied to the payment of the last four (4) classes, given that a written withdrawal notice has been provided to the school at least four (4) classes in advance.

Our school reserves the right to prevent learners with outstanding fees from using the school's pool.

Cancellation & Replacement Policy

For the subscription package, any class cancellation or absence due to illness, family events, school activities, and our school closures can be replaced on a date proposed by the learner/guardian and agreed upon by our school.

Under the subscription package, all missed classes will remain valid as long as the learner’s subscription is active. Missed classes will be forfeited three (3) months after subscription expiration or cancellation.

For the subscription package, a replacement class must be pre-booked. Confirmation will depend on class availability and the replacement class must be scheduled on a day and time different from the learner’s regular lesson schedule.

The class replacement service is only available while the learner’s subscription is active.

For the subscription & pay-as-you-go package, class cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, it will be counted as one (1) lesson.

For the monthly package, no replacement will be provided for any class cancellation or absence due to illness, family events, school activities, and our school closures

If a class is canceled due to bad weather after it has started, a replacement will be provided if the class duration was less than half an hour. If the cancellation occurs after half an hour, it will be considered a full class with no replacement.

A student will be considered to have quit our school if they have been absent for more than four (4) classes without written notice. In such a situation, the said student may be allowed to re-commence only after settling any outstanding bills, and no replacement will be granted for expired classes.

General Policy

Our school reserves the right to send a substitute instructor when the regular instructor is unavailable. The lesson will be billed as usual even if you decide not to attend.

Our school reserves the right to photograph, sound, and video record all classes and activities for training, publicity, and promotional purposes. No individual permissions will be sought.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is implied upon registration and applies to all branches of Optimum Train Swim School.

Our school reserves the right to amend these terms at any time with prior notice, and to refund or reject customers who refuse to comply with any of these terms.


We recommend that all learners undergo a medical examination before participating in any physical activity. Any illness, condition, or disability that may affect your or your child's ability to swim or participate in activities must be declared to the school prior to enrollment.

You acknowledge the inherent risks in the activities offered at our school. You assume all risks associated with your or your child's participation in the chosen classes or training.

You agree to release and hold harmless Optimum Train Swim School, its employees, and instructors from all claims and liabilities of any type whatsoever, and for damages to, loss or destruction of any property, or injury, sickness, or death.

You confirm that you are of legal age and competent to enter into this agreement and sign this disclaimer, which you do voluntarily.

These Terms and Conditions may be translated into several languages for convenience. In the event of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any translated versions of this Agreement, the English version shall prevail and be binding.

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